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Nas is being sued for a whopping $10 million after indirectly being blamed for a kidnapping that involved a concert promoter in Angola, TMZreports.

It seems that Nas, whose real name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, reportedly failed to show up for a series of 2011 New Year’s Eve concerts in Angola after promoter and CEO of Allgood Entertainment Patrick Allocco firmed up the deal.

Allocco claims he paid Nas $300,000 to perform at an Angolan venue. When the famed rapper did not appear at the scheduled performances, the promoter was reportedly kidnapped in December of last year and held for ransom by Angolan promoters and their “henchmen.”

He was allegedly held captive in the capital city of Luanda for 50 days because the promoters demanded their monies back. Allocco was eventually freed in January of this year. He now contends in his federal lawsuit that he is facing financial ruin; he claims to have lost his home.

Nas, on the other hand, says that he repaid the promoter all of the monies that were given to him.

And so the plot thickens…