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First came arrests and court dates for Katt Williams. Now comes the IRS!

The not-so-funnyman nowadays is allegedly $4 million in debt to Uncle Sam and they’ve hit him with a tax lien, according to TMZ.


The feds are claiming that Williams neglected to fork over $3.2 million in tax year 2008 and overlooked his 2009 tax debt of $829,352. Just two years ago, Williams, again, reportedly stiffed the government to the tune of $284,000.

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The comedian’s latest money woes are just more sad drops in his pitiful bucket. Over the last few months, Williams has been making headlines that have brought him only more unwanted attention.

He was cuffed in November on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly attacking an 18-year-old aspiring rapper with a bottle. The man claimed that Williams and his body guards not only beat him but smashed a bottle over his head.

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As if one altercation was not enough, in early December, Williams was accused of getting into a heated altercation with a Seattle bar patron, menacing the establishment’s manager with a pool cue, flicking a cigarette into a woman’s face through a car window and throwing a rock at the vehicle. When officers came to arrest him, they claim he resisted.  He was placed behind bars for investigation of assault, harassment and obstruction.

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Again, just five days after the Seattle incident, Williams was cuffed for not showing up in court for an incident that occurred around Thanskgiving. The 39-year-old actor was accused of driving a three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk, coming dangerously close to striking pedestrians and failing to stop for police.

Apparently, leading police on a three-wheeled chase was not enough drama for the feisty funnyman because only a few hours later, he assaulted a Target cashier by pimp slapping him. The shocking display was caught on video. Williams then hightailed it out of the store on an electric cart. Williams was not arrested and the case is still under investigation.

Most recently the diminutive performer was detained outside of a West Hollywood, California Subway restaurant for “causing a disturbance.” Williams, who swears he did nothing wrong, believes his detainment was racially motivated and he was simply waiting on close friend Suge Knight who was at a nearby mall getting a manicure/pedicure.  Williams was cuffed and placed in a squad car but was eventually released.

Oy Vey!  Grow up already!

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