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lightseyA Florida judge offered Kimberly Lightsey (pictured) a unique plea deal in lieu of five years in jail for abandoning her four children in a hotel room (one with special needs) so that she could go out and party.



He ordered Lightsey to not have any more children during the next 13 years, which is the length of her probation, reports the Bay News 9.

The 30-year-old woman reportedly left her oldest child, who is 11-years-old, to care for her siblings, the youngest being a 1-year-old. One of the children suffers from cerebral palsy coupled with epilepsy and needs to be watched consistently.

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A hotel guest heard crying from Lightsey’s hotel room and saw an overturned stroller outside her door in the hallway and decided to summon police. When the officers arrived at Lightsey’s hotel room and allegedly saw the children without adult supervision and the room in total disarray with food, clothing and garbage strewn everywhere, they waited for the mom to return from her party.

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As soon as Lightsey entered her hotel room, police placed her under arrest. She was already on probation after having been charged with child abuse back in 2009 for hitting her then six-year-old son in the face with a belt.

When Lightsey was brought before Bartow, Fla., Judge Ernest Jones Jr. for sentencing, he gave her the no-children offer. The mom accepted the plea deal so that she would not have to spend five years behind bars for her crimes. When Lightsey informed the judge she wanted more children, he was taken aback and responded, “But you’ve got four of them!”

In addition, Lightsey was placed under house arrest for two years and has to serve 100 hours of community service. She also cannot have unsupervised visits with minors.  Lightsey can have more children down the road but only if she meets all of the conditions of her probation. The young mom also has to petition the court to remove the clause that bars her from spending unsupervised time with a minor.

Meanwhile, Lightsey’s children have been placed with relatives.

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