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Anthony Quinn Wade (pictured below) is the third suspect charged with capital murder involving the shooting death of Joshua Wood, 22, who had just purchased a few pairs of the hot and newly released $185 Nike Air Jordan XI Bred sneakers (pictured), reports the Houston Chronicle.

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On the morning of December 21, Wood and a friend reportedly went to a Houston mall and purchased several pairs of the trendy sneaker. When the two young men left the mall, they reportedly drove to a residence and parked in front of it.  While sitting in the car, an armed man approached the vehicle on the passenger side and allegedly demanded that Wood and his friend hand over their Air Jordan purchases.  As soon as Wood’s friend, who was the driver, reportedly saw the gunman, he hightailed it out of the car and ran away leaving Wood in the passenger seat.

SEE ALSO:  SMH!  Riot Occurs At Mall Over Latest Nike Air Jordans

The assailant allegedly tried shooting after Wood’s friend but missed.  Meanwhile, as Wood’s friend tried desperately to knock on the doors of residences in an effort to seek help, he heard a series of gunshots.  According to police, the gunman shot at Woods who had tried to get behind the wheel of the car to escape.  Wood did manage to drive away but was wounded and instead wound up crashing between two houses and striking a gas line.

Wood was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Watch news coverage of the fatal shooting here:

On December 28th, police investigators managed to find two of the men who have been linked to the shooting, Neal Bland, 18, and Kegan Arrington, 19, and charged them both with capital murder in the killing of Wood.

All three men are scheduled to be arraigned this week.