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A recent poll taken by the group Public Policy Polling found that folks across the country actually like cockroaches — among other disturbing things — more than the folks who make up Congress.

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The survey reportedly asked 830 registered voters to pick between Congress and 26 people, places, or things, such as faux-politician Donald Trump (42 Congress vs. 44 Trump) and head lice (19 Congress vs 67 head lice). Unfortunately for those men and women who represent us in our nation’s capital, they wound up on the losing end of some pretty vile pickings.

Other interesting results from the poll were pretty eye-opening, such as the fact that poll participants had a higher opinion of root canals (56) than Congress (32); used car salesmen (57) vs. Congress (32), and traffic jams (56) compared to Congress (34).

Congress did have some wins, though. They are actually more preferred than gonorrhea (53-28), meth labs (60-21), and the infamous first family of obnoxious TV, the Kardashians (49-36).

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Congress’s overall favorability rating stands at just 9 percent favorable, with 85 percent of those polled viewing Congress as unfavorable.  According to Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, the government body’s rating has recently taken an even further  dive, “We all know Congress is unpopular, but the fact that the voters like it even less than cockroaches, lice, and Genghis Khan really shows how far its esteem has fallen with the American public over the last few weeks.”


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