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When British reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked Quentin Tarantino whether there was a link between movie violence and real violence during an interview about the director’s movie “Django Unchained,” he did not receive it too kindly, according to TMZ.

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Tarantino said he was tired of being asked the question because he has already made his position known on the issue multiple times in the past. Here is an excerpt of from the interview:

KGM: Why are you so sure that there’s no link between enjoying movie violence and enjoying real violence?”

Tarantino: “Don’t ask me a question like that. I’m not biting. I refuse your question.”

KGM: “Why”

Tarantino: “Because I refuse your question. I’m not your slave and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune. I’m not a monkey.”

KGM: “I can’t make you answer anything. I’m asking you an interesting question.”

Tarantino: “And I’m saying that I refuse.”

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It was a very heated exchange in which Tarantino was obviously quite exasperated. The director then told the reporter how he should be doing his job, saying that the interview was a commercial for his movie. “Make no mistake,” Tarantino added in an admonishing tone. To his credit, KGM did not back down. “Well, look: this is a news program, not a film program. So we explore serious themes.”

The two eventually moved on to another topic, but the interview said a lot about Tarantino. Did he really have to say, “I’m not your slave and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune. I’m not a monkey”?

It seems like the director, who has a fine affinity for the use of the N-word in his films, is teetering the fine line of being provocative in his movies and crossing the line with his racial language in real life. As NewsOne previously reported, one man who was not happy with Tarantino was the one and only Katt Williams:

“Quentin Tarantino thinks he can say the N-word. But I checked with all of Ni**adom and nobody knows where he got his pass from. I hope he didn’t get it from Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx cause they aren’t going to help you when I see you.”

When our photog tried to compare QT to Steven Spielberg (who made “Amistad” in 1997), Katt shot back, “Quentin Tarantino is no Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg doesn’t wanna be black, Quentin Tarantino thinks he is. So when he meets a real ni**a, we’ll see if he is or not.”

Classis Katt Williams.

Check out Tarantino’s exchange with the reporter below.