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Roland Martin called Jason Whitlock "Stephen from Django" in response to accusations that the journalist was "down bad."

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The fictional house slave reference enraged MAGA World.

Daniele Watts (pictured left) who co-starred in the film “Django Unchained,” has been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly engaging in a sexual act in her vehicle last month outside CBS Studios, according to TMZ. RELATED: ‘Django Unchained’s’ Daniele Watts Charged With Lewd Conduct Watts went on a viral rant against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), […]


New pictures of Daniele Watts (pictured in car) have been released of the actress straddling her husband in her car before her detainment last Thursday, according to TMZ. RELATED: ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Says She Was Accosted By Police, Mistaken For Prostitute LAPD officers detained the “Django Unchained” actress and her husband, after witnesses phoned in their […]

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Actress Danièle Watts was “handcuffed and detained” by Los Angeles police officers Thursday. She and her husband explained from their Facebook pages that the incident started because the cops thought the interracial couple was a prostitute and John. Watts also shared a picture of herself sobbing in handcuffs, as she stood in front of an officer. She posted: […]


In a ‘Scandal’ous move worthy of her television alter-ego Olivia Pope, Hollywood darling, Kerry Washington, was married in a secret wedding ceremony on June 24 and E! Online has the marriage certificate to prove it. Washington married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in a ceremony officiated by his sister, Minister Chisaraokwu Asomugha, and attended by close […]


China’s debut of “Django Unchained” was suddenly cancelled Thursday, with some suspecting censorship as the reason. SEE ALSO: Mom Tosses Baby Aside To Fight Bus Passenger “After watching it for about a minute, it stopped!” said Xue Yi Dao, a microblogger who was watching the premiere. “Staff then came in and said SARFT (State Administration […]

In a sly nod to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, Saturday Night Live drew big laughs this weekend when a room full of White male actors parodied the viscerally devastating Mandingo fight scene that took place in the bowels of Calvin Candie’s notorious slave plantation Candyland. During Justin Timberlake‘s victory lap of an opening monologue, celebrating […]

Real estate developer, television personality, conspiracy theory slinger, Internet troll, and now apparent faux film critic Donald Trump (pictured) was none too pleased with last night’s Academy Awards — particularly the accolades bestowed upon “Django Unchained.” Presumably upset with actor Christopher Waltz and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and their wins in the Best Supporting Actor and Best […]

LeVar Burton contributed, perhaps, the most salient commentary on “Django Unchained” any celebrity of note has made when asked about the film while in New York this week. RELATED: Django Controversy: Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee Shady And Irresponsible Burton was in town for the taping of “Pioneers of Television“–which includes an installment focusing on […]

What better way to get Black people to oppose gun control than to evoke everyone’s new favorite slave, Django — and the thought of being free to murder every White person in sight? That is the skewed logic of gun advocacy group, Political Media, the creator of Gun Appreciation Day. With the snappy title, “What […]