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An unidentified Brazilian woman is being sued by her husband for allegedly trying to kill him, reports the UK Mirror. And what was the woman’s weapon of mass destruction? Her poisonous vagina!

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According to court documents, the woman actually painted a poisonous substance on to her vagina and lured her unsuspecting husband to bed.  She then asked him to perform oral sex on her.

The man, who is also unidentified, was reportedly more than willing to oblige his seemingly sex-fueled wife, but when he began to perform his husbandly duties, he noticed an unfamiliar odor emanating from her privates.

The man reportedly became so concerned about the strange smell — fearing that there was something medically wrong with his wife — that he insisted she accompany him to the nearest hospital to be examined by a physician.

After the pair arrived at a Sao Jose do Rito Preto hospital, the woman was put through a series of tests in order to find the root of the foreign odor. The wife’s ruse was reportedly discovered when doctors detected the poison and it was revealed the woman had in fact concocted a plan to orally poison her hubby with her vagina.