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A Nigerian college student in England was the victim of a vicious verbal attack that was caught on tape, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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In the clip, which lasts two minutes and was filmed Saturday evening at Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk, the an irate woman targets two young women in the waiting room. “Where do you come from,” the woman asks 23-year old Nigerian Gina Thompson and her 21-year old friend from Spain, who was not identified. Thompson and the friend had come to the waiting room because the friend was suffering from a sprained ankle while playing sports.

“What does it matter to you,” Thompson asks in response. The woman, citing England’s economic issues, replied, “You’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. We are paying taxes you a***holes and we are going down in this crisis.”

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Watch the video here:

“Don’t call me an asshole,” Thompson said.

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The woman refuses to honor her request, reiterating her poverty charge. “I will, because you’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. I am not well.” At this point, Thompson signals that she has had enough of the abuse. “You won’t call me an a***hole. I will not accept that. Don’t call me an a***hole. Don’t come to my face and insult me. You won’t do that. Calling me an a***hole? Are you alright?”

“Don’t accept it, you fat a**,” the woman yelled before hospital personnel and security surrounded her.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Thompson says she “was so embarrassed and I couldn’t do anything because I was stuck in the situation, so we just had to laugh about it. All the attention was on us.” The University Campus Suffolk student also denied the woman’s poverty claims. “I’m an international student and I pay £13,000 a year in tuition fees. My friend is a student here from Spain.”

Thompson says the situation left her friend shaken, due largely to the language barrier. “She kind of felt unsafe afterwards,” she said. “She is Spanish and her English is not perfect, but she could sort of understand what the woman was saying. When she got back home, she said: ‘Are we in trouble?'”

According to a Suffolk Constabulary, the woman is being charged in the incident.

‘We have arrested and charged somebody,” the Constabulary told the Mail. “She has been charged with assault on a police officer, two counts of racially aggravated assault and two charges of assault. So, five charges altogether.”

She is due to appear in court on February 20th.