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Charlecia Lurry (pictured), who works at a Henry County, Ga., McDonald’s restaurant, was peeved at her boss so she took out her ire by reportedly dousing him with a fry basket of hot oil.  The young woman was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault and battery, reports CBS Atlanta.

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According to police, Lurry not only flung the scorcher at her manager but she was so enraged that she finished the vicious attack by going around the store’s counter and decking the unidentified man squarely in the face.

According to Lurry’s mom, Charlyn White, who is defending her daughter, “She thought he was coming to attack her.” White then told CBS Atlanta, “She did not touch him with the fry pan, she was just telling him to back away.”

Lurry is being held in jail and no bond has been set.