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In an extreme case of  “they can’t win for losing,” former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh tweeted the accusation that First Lady Michelle Obama is only attending the funeral of slain Chicago teen, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, to shore up a little political capital.

Hadiya’s death has become the latest rallying cry of a city tired of being plagued by gun and gang violence. As previously reported by NewsOne, hundreds of people signed a White House “We The People” petition urging President Barack Obama to attend her funeral. Rev. Jesse Jackson also urged the POTUS to attend.

He’s not; but the First Lady is:

“As a mother and Chicagoan, the first lady was heartbroken to learn of the tragic loss of Hadiya Pendleton due to senseless gun violence,” said Kristina Schake, the first lady’s communications director. “Too many times, we’ve seen young people struck down with so much of their lives ahead of them. The first lady is traveling to her funeral on Saturday to offer her condolences and support to Hadiya’s family and loved ones.”

Hadiya was the 42nd homicide victim in Chicago this year, according to the Tribune. The Bloody City is on track to have the highest homicide record since 2002.

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