Supporters and critics alike are looking for Hillary Clinton to follow through on criminal justice reforms if she is elected president.

The Democratic presidential front-runner on Monday went to Chicago to meet with the families of victims of gun violence.

First Lady Michelle Obama honored a slain honor student during an emotional speech to hundreds of teenagers at King College Prep High School in Chicago Tuesday evening. The First Lady delivered her commencement speech after students at the high school won a contest promoting financial aid awareness by parodying the hit drama Scandal. Michelle also chose the […]

The tragic murder of Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago last winter sparked debate about rampant violence in the city, but it also inspired a piece by a local dance choreographer as part of a larger show called “Generations” set to debut Friday. RELATED: Michelle Obama: ‘Hadiya Pendleton Was Me, And I Was Her’ [VIDEO] Nicole Clarke-Springer […]

First Lady Michelle Obama returned to Chicago on Wednesday to join Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and prominent business leaders in hopes of raising  awareness and money for programs aimed at reducing deeply entrenched violent crime throughout the city. RELATED: Warzone 2012: Chicago Devastated By Gangs, Murder Making a powerful appeal to about 700 community, corporate and […]

 Today in Chicago, Illinois, President Barack Obama will travel to Hyde Park Academy to discuss proposals unveiled in his State of the Union address (SOTU) on Tuesday evening.  During perhaps the most moving part of his remarks, the President highlighted the tragic death of young Hadiya Pendleton who was gunned down by a stray bullet […]

Chicago police are currently investigating two men suspected in the shooting death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton (pictured) and reportedly plan to bring charges against the men Monday evening, according to the Chicago Tribune. RELATED: Hadiya Pendleton’s Father On Her Murder: ‘This Isn’t Political, This Is Personal’ The men, aged 18 and 20, were apprehended at […]

Hadiya Pendleton was laid to rest today in Chicago and, though her funeral was attended by high profile politicos and community activists, her family insisted that her death should not be used for political brownie points: “Don’t let this turn into a political thing. Keep it personal,” Damon Stewart, Hadiya’s godfather, said. “A lot of politicians […]

In an extreme case of  “they can’t win for losing,” former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh tweeted the accusation that First Lady Michelle Obama is only attending the funeral of slain Chicago teen, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, to shore up a little political capital. Hadiya’s death has become the latest rallying cry of a city tired […]

First Lady Michelle Obama will return to Chicago to attend the funeral of slain 15-year-old King College Prep High School student, Hadiya Pendleton, the White House confirmed on Thursday. Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, also Chicagoans, will accompany her to the service. As previously reported by NewsOne, Hadiya had just finished […]

Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old Chicago teen who was gunned down in South Side Chicago’s Harsh park on Tuesday afternoon after school, appeared in a 2008  anti-gang PSA when she was in the 6th grade. In the video, titled ‘THINK SMART,’ Hadiya and a classmate share statistics on gang violence and the importance of thinking smart. […]

As the nation mourns the death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, the Chicago teen who just performed with the King College Prep High School drill team at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, the White House issued a statement expressing condolences, reports the Los Angeles Times. “The president and first lady’s thoughts and prayers are with […]