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Finally, we have some good news from Katt Williams: the comedian just paid off $284,000 in back taxes.

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TMZ reports that the IRS had filed the tax lien against Williams in 2010, claiming that he did not pay on his income taxes from 2007 and that he needed to pony up $284,419.67. Well, in a glimmer of good news, Williams paid up and the lien was dropped on Jan. 23.

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Though this is not the end of his financial woes. The IRS filed another lien against him last year for $4 million. The feds claim that Williams owned Uncle Sam $3.2 million from 2008. They also claim that also he owes $829, 352 from 2009.

Besides his money issues, Williams is facing felony reckless evasion charges in Sacramento. He missed to previous hearings. But he said he had to miss those hearing because he needed to attend a child custody hearing in Los Angeles.