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Singer Chris Brown (pictured) reportedly crashed his sports car in to a wall, after being chased by paparazzi in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon, reports TMZ.

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According to a statement released by the Beverly Hills police department regarding Brown’s accident:

On February 9, 2013, at approximately 1203 p.m., entertainer Chris Brown was involved in a solo, non-injury traffic collision in the 600 Block Bedford Drive/Camden Drive alley. Mr. Brown was the driver of the vehicle and collided with a wall. Brown stated that he was being chased by paparazzi causing him to lose control of his vehicle. Brown’s Black Porsche was towed from the scene at his request.

Brown’s vehicle was totaled and the wall he struck crumbled into pieces.  Now the paparazzi are claiming that Brown’s story is fabricated and they were NOT were chasing him, according to INF, the photo agency that employs all of the photographers on the scene.
TMZ spoke to Chris Doherty, the owner of INF, regarding Brown’s story, and he told them in no uncertain terms that his photographers “had nothing to do with Chris Brown’s crashing.”  Doherty insists his shutterbugs arrived after Brown had already crashed in to the wall, “No photographers were following him at the time he crashed…. He crashed his car and it’s convenient for him to blame us. He needs to be careful with his defamatory statements.”
The agency owner also points out that police investigators interviewed his photographers and were satisfied with the responses they provided.
A spokesperson for Brown told TMZ they are contemplating a lawsuit against the paparazzi in question.
Meanwhile, this crash is just the latest knot in Brown’s seemingly unending life drama. On January 27,  Brown, controversial singer Frank Ocean, and their respective crews were involved in a parking lot brawl over a space, with slurs and fists to top the melee off. Brown reportedly wound up sporting a hand cast and Ocean’s finger was allegedly cut. Police opened a misdemeanor battery investigation and closed it on February 5th. There were no arrests or lawsuits.
Brown also made headlines last week when news that the completion of his court-ordered community service, stemming from the 2009 assault conviction Rihanna case, was being questioned due to a possible probation violation.
L.A. County prosecutors questioned whether the documents submitted as proof of his community service were actually fraudulent in some instances.  A motion filed by the district attorney’s office said that Brown claimed he completed four hours of trash pickup between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on one day when he was actually on a private plane to Cancun that he boarded at 4 p.m.

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