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A ménage a trois went from pleasure to pain when Ashley Hunter (pictured left), 33, reportedly stabbed Orlando DeWitt (pictured bottom), 37, during a tryst. The stabbing allegedly occurred when DeWitt reportedly refused to switch positions during the sexual romp, reports International Business Times.

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Hunter and DeWitt, who had formed a relationship in prison, were partying with a few female acquaintances last Friday at a Fargo, North Dakota, bar.  The festivities were moved to Hunter’s home and reportedly continued way in to the wee hours of the morning.

DeWitt and Hunter became sexually involved with a woman at the residence who is only identified as Leticia. She was reportedly servicing both men, with Hunter allegedly receiving oral favors, when DeWitt asked his friend to change positions with him. When Hunter refused DeWitt’s request, the two men began a heated argument that escalated into violence.

According to the Fargo police department, Hunter reportedly pulled out a 12-inch butcher knife from his sofa and began wielding it at DeWitt and Leticia who ran in to the bathroom. Hunter allegedly kept spewing threats at the man and subsequently forced his way in to the bathroom.

DeWitt decided to make a run for the front door, and while he was able to get through the first door, by the time he reached for the exterior door of the home, Hunter’s knife reportedly sliced right in to the back of his left arm.

Even though he had been stabbed, DeWitt did manage to make it out of Hunter’s home, and as he ran out, he reportedly grabbed Leticia’s cell phone off a table and used it to call 911 from an alley.  As he cowered in the alley, naked, DeWitt could reportedly hear Hunter yelling that he was going to kill him and that he could also get his clothing off his front porch, DeWitt told police officials.

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When police investigators arrived on the scene, they recovered the butcher knife that was allegedly used to stab DeWitt.  They also found a trail of blood that led from Hunter’s home to the alley.

Hunter remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bail and is scheduled for a March 13th court appearance.


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