The myth of “Black-on-Black crime” is harmful and dangerous. Here's why we need to toss it out of the American lexicon for good.

One of St. Louis' top law enforcement officials made a personal plea to his fellow African-Americans to stop killing each other.

Unlike what appears to be popular opinion, the rate of violent Black-on-Black crime is lower than how often White criminals victimize other White people.

Award-winning author and film producer Evie Rhodes has written several books about the tragedies and senseless violence in our communities.  Her most recent novel turned movie, Expired, highlights a mother’s struggle to cope with the death of her son. On May 20th, Rhodes’ 24-year-old son James Rhodes, was shot and killed in Camden, New Jersey. This tragic […]

This past weekend, the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, a historic Black fraternity, took to the streets of Chicago and held steadfast in the midst of icy temperatures and a snowstorm to protest against the epidemic of violence plaguing Black communities in the Windy City. On Monday, Roland Martin host of NewsOne Now, talked with Rev. […]

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Peggy Hubbard, a St. Louis mother now living in Rockford, Ill., posted a Facebook video rant railing against the #BlackLivesMatter movement last Thursday. The video has since gone viral and blasted the activists for not turning their efforts against combating what seems to be framed as Black-On-Black crimes and instead focusing on police brutality. The video, […]

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Stephen A. Smith’s comments on the Black Lives Matter movement rattled many on Twitter, including hip-hop artists and activists Killer Mike and Talib Kweli.  The drama began Tuesday afternoon when the ESPN analyst critiqued activists for booing presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders during Saturday’s Netroots Nation annual forum. Led by Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse […]

A ménage a trois went from pleasure to pain when Ashley Hunter (pictured left), 33, reportedly stabbed Orlando DeWitt (pictured bottom), 37, during a tryst. The stabbing allegedly occurred when DeWitt reportedly refused to switch positions during the sexual romp, reports International Business Times. SEE ALSO: Chris Dorner Updates: LAPD Says Body Not Positively Identified [LIVE VIDEO] Hunter […]

Popular Miami rapper Bizzle or Chowtime (pictured) was shot to death not far from where his children were waiting for him at a Liberty City car wash on Monday evening. No arrests have been made as of Tuesday morning, according to police, reports The Miami Herald. SEE ALSO: The Origins Of ‘Ratchet’ Bizzle, whose real name was […]

In an op-ed for Clutch Magazine, Newsone Contributing Editor, Kirsten West Savali, discusses the meme that has emerged in the wake of the vigilante-style execution of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, which pits factions of the Black community against each other over the relevance and appropriateness of shifting the conversation away from Trayvon’s murder in favor of […]