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Apparently feeling like a jilted lover after being removed from the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena during the Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game on February 10, Lil Wayne went on a loud — and unnecessary — “F*ck you” rant, targeting the Miami Heat players, the NBA and the wife of Heat player, Chris Bosh, reports

At the Beats By Dre afterparty at Houston’s Stereo Live during All-Star Week-end, Wayne, or Lil Tunechi, or Weezy F Baby — or whatever else he’s calling himself these days — let it be known that he was not pleased with not being exalted by the Heat organization:

“When I say f-ck you say NBA.. When I say f-ck you say the Miami Heat.”

“You let them ni–as know I’m from the streets so this ain’t no Twitter beefin or no online beef, just take it to the motherf–king streets, ni–a. F–k all them ni–as. F–k LeBron, f–k She-Wade, f–k Chris Bosh, f–k all them ni–as, man. And, and, and, I f–ked Chris Bosh wife,” Wayne said.


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As previously reported by NewsOne, after the initial incident on February 10, Wayne took it to the Tweets to voice his displeasure:

A spokesperson for the Heat denied Wayne’s allegations to TMZ:

“In response to your inquiry, please note that Lil Wayne was not ejected from the building. He chose to leave.”

The NBA Miami Heat, nor Chris Bosh have responded to Lil Wayne’s latest chirping; hopefully, they won’t and he’ll just quietly go away.