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A New Jersey politician “likes” big butts and he cannot lie because his Facebook page can’t deny, according to a report by The Jersey Journal.

Jersey City Assemblyman Charles Mainor, who has caught heat over his Facebook activity in the past, was forced to address why the “Likes” section of his page that included pages that have content some feel is very unbecoming for a public official.

One of those pages is”Big Booty Freaks,” which is a pictorial celebration of women with big and shapely rear ends.  The “You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man” page features video of vicious fights captured on amateur camera. Among the other pages Mainor liked was “Paintball Authority” and, get this, “Practical Living Ministries.” Less than an hour after The Jersey Journal spoke with Mainor about the racy pages, the paper reports that the Assemblyman deleted them. At first, he denied ever liking the pages. “I doubt very strongly that I would do something like that,” said Mainor. “I don’t do Facebook.”

He later admitted to like the “You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man” page, claiming that his daughter reminded him that she showed him the page and that he liked it so he could go back to it at a later time. Mainor is the chair of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee and has supported measures that tighten mental-health oversight for gun owners. Because of this, he says that constituents with an axe to grind over his anti-gun stances are taking to his politically incorrect Facebook activity to smear his name.

“They’re trying to discredit me in some kind of way because I agreed with the gun deals that I pushed through,” he said. “We’re losing babies. And if the best they can do is come back and say, ‘He shouldn’t have Big Bootie Freaks,’ then I said, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t have guns.”

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And speaking of that page with the bootiful women, the unmarried Mainor had this to say.

“As far as the Big Bootie Freaks – listen, I love women, but it shouldn’t be on there but I don’t know how to get it out.”

“Don’t know how to get out of it?” Sure Mr. Mainor. Whatever you say.

Though, as long as he’s not digging into public coffers and making it rain at the strip club with tax payer dollars, what’s wrong with an unmarried politician liking a good ol’ bae donkey donk?