"This was a corporate decision that endangers many Facebook and Instagram users, as well as the public at large," said LDF President and Director-Counsel Janai S. Nelson

A federal judge has ordered Vernon Jones to pay $45,652 in damages and legal fees to a man he blocked from his Facebook page.

A 14-year-old simulated a hanging video on IG.

It says a lot when even a super-conservative Supreme Court shuns a far-right extremist.

The threat to kill Black people at an Alabama county fair is under investigation.

Actress Yara Shahidi will produce and star in a new Facebook Watch series.

The influencer known for misogynistic content is accused of violating hate speech rules.

Attendees raised concerns about Facebook's presence at the progressive gathering.

Why does the GOP seem to have a habit of blurting out racist Freudian slips? 

"Dumb enough to pull a fake gun, dumb enough to get shot......," Tioga Council President Steve Hazlett posted on Facebook in 2015.

The report gives the example of one border patrol agent, who had a history of multiple infractions, posting a picture of a parent and child who drowned and calling them "floaters." The agent was allowed to retire with disability benefits instead of facing any form of discipline.  

"Facebook’s persistent actions to undermine content moderation are the latest evidence that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook leadership will continue to sacrifice the safety of our communities to line their pockets."