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The oldest of the late-pop icon Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael Jackson (pictured), has just been named an on-air correspondent for the long-running TV celebrity news show “Entertainment Tonight” (ET), reports USA Today.

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At just 16 years young, the teen began his first professional gig over the weekend at a Pasadena junket for the Disney film “Oz the Great and Powerful.”  According to the newbie broadcaster whose future ambitions include covering all aspects of the entertainment industry, “I’m looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor,” he revealed to “ET”‘s Brooke Anderson in the first footage from his new spot, which aired during Monday’s program.

Watch news coverage of Jackson’s new role here:

Jackson had the opportunity to interview Oz’s director, Sam Raimi, and the film’s lead actors James Franco and Zac Braff.  The young go-getter also asked the famed trio for some advice on how to get started in show business.

Ironically, Jackson’s father, starred in the 1978 musical adventure film, “The Wiz,” which also starred Diana Ross, Nipsy Russell, Lena Horne, and Richard Pryor.  Michael played the role of the made-out-of-garbage Scarecrow who befriends Ross.

Since Jackson is a minor, his chat segments will be spaced out, but his Oz interviews will run throughout the remainder of this week.

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