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A man was arrested in Manatee County, Fla. this week for assaulting his wife after she asked him to stop scratching his testicles, The Smoking Gun reports.

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Ronald Howard, 30, was sitting on his couch scratching his man jewels, when his girlfriend, Shalamar Petrarca, insisted that he stop because it was disgusting and she was preparing to eat dinner. Howard did not take the demand very well, rising up and confronting Patrarca. He allegedly got in her face and asked that she not judge him.

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Petrarca says the verbal altercation got physical when Howard pushed her into the corner of their kitchen, forcing her to fall to the ground and scratch her leg. She says he then grabbed her and threw her out of their apartment. But Howard’s version of what went down is different.

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He says that Petrarca punched him in the eye for scratching his testicles. He admits to pushing her out of the door but only in self-defense. Howard said he did not want to call the police because he did not want the situation to escalate to that point. According to the police report, Howard had no visible injuries. But Petrarca did have a scratch on her leg that was consistent with her version of how the itchy episode went down.

Ronald was placed under arrest, charged with misdemeanor battery and booked into the Manatee County jail. Bail has not been set.

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