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Jeffrey Simon Hubbard, the jet-ski operator who allegedly ran over 11-year-old Kile Glover in a jet-ski accident on Atlanta’s Lake Lanier on July 8, 2012,  was arrested this morning and charged with homicide by vehicle, reports TMZ.

Kile was the son of Tameka Foster Raymond and Ryan Glover, and step-son of recording artist Usher.

As previously reported by NewsOne, following the accident, Kile was on life support for almost 2 weeks before his heart stopped beating on July 21. It was initially reported that his parents had decided to take him off of life support, but according to a source speaking under condition of anonymity, Raymond, still hoping for a miracle, had no plans to make that devastating decision.

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During his funeral service, Kile was honored with a video and collection of photos entitled “A Beautiful Mind.” Included in the program was a postcard sent by him from his iPhone just before the accident:

“Hello from paradise, wishing you were here,” Kile wrote. “Our vacation is everything we have hoped for and more. We’re also excited to come home to family and friends.”

See home video of Kile here:


According to the District Attorney, Hubbard, a family friend of Kile’s father, was indicted for “Homicide by Vessel, Serious Injury by Vessel, as well as Reckless Operation of a Vessel.”

Hubbard is currently being held without bail.