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On Monday night, Jon Stewart did what he does best by underscoring the

political foolishness that seems to happen Claiming

that the sequestration made him “angry” last week, the politial satirist turned his attention to what he dubbed “Wacko and Cash” — that’s Dennis Rodman and Mitt Romney, respectively — which dramatically brightened his mood. In case you missed it, Romney is still publicly crying about his presidential loss and Rodman has been promoting North Korea leader Kim Jong-un as if he’s his publicist.

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Starting with the peculiar Rodman, Stewart got right to the point on the absurdity of Rodman seemingly kicking back with the controversial Kim Jong-un just because he is reportedly a big 1980s Bulls fan.

“Still, though, being a fan of the Bulls, like a bottle of tequila, how far down the Bulls roster do you go to get down to the worm?

“You know M.J. [Michael Jordan] and [Scottie] Pippen aren’t gonna to go [to North Korea]….

“You’re telling me, though, Kim Jong couldn’t get Luc Longley or [Steve] Kerr?

Horace Grant…Benny the Bull wouldn’t go?

Oh, but the sweet moment in Stewart’s delivery was Romney’s incessant tears over losing BACK IN NOVEMBER.

“Let’s go over to Romney!” Stewart yells.

After Stewart plays Romney’s infamous “47 percent” clip, he responds to Romney’s claim on Fox News Sunday that the real weakness of his campaign was not getting his message to minority voters, with Stewart saying:

“Oh, right, your message. I think the problem wasn’t getting your message out, the problem was — despite your best efforts — (whispering) it got out.”

Stewart then shows a clip of Ann Romney still choking on her sour grapes: “That crushing disappointment is not for us, our lives are going to be fine, it’s for the country,” Ann says.

To which Stewart blasts: “You had four months to come up with an answer and you go with what those women would say on “Maury Povich” after their fiance slept with their sister, ‘Fine go, I’m not sad for me, I’m sad for you! ‘Cause you could have had all this! B*tch!'”

Then there’s the clip of Rodman calling Kim Jong-un a “great guy,” even though the embattled leader reportedly put 200,000 people in prison camps. Still, Rodman responds that former President Bill Clinton getting blow jobs and maintaining his power is similar to what Kim Jong-un is dealing with in North Korea.

Stewart says:

“Here’s my impression of two Korean prison inmates…in Dennis Rodman’s imagination:

“Hey did you hear about the U.S. president who got blown by his intern?”

“Wow, that place is no better than here.”

Watch Stewart’s “The Daily Show” segment here: