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Fox Sports 1 (FS1) and boxing icon Mike Tyson (pictured) have just announced their upcoming cable series “Being.” It will feature the famed sports figure in an all-access way, pulling no punches when it comes to letting viewers see who the man behind the tribal facial tattoo really is. It will be shot documentary style.  The Tyson segment will spearhead a slew of programs on the network. It is rumored to be an ESPN rival, according to Fox Sports.

The network’s launch will be in mid-August and its muckety mucks are boasting that it will produce nearly 5,000 hours of sports programming, news and live events annually. FS1 is expected to be televised in 90 million homes and plans to utilize all of Fox’s resources.

Already being touted as a “not your typical 24-hour sports network,” the “Being” series, which is in production now, will spotlight Tyson as not only a boxing legend; it will show him as a family man, husband and dad who is trying to maintain the life that he has established in Nevada.  The “Being” series comes on the heels of the autobiographical one-man Spike Lee-directed Broadway show that Tyson appeared in last year. The former heavyweight champ has also appeared in multiple movies and has done TV guest spots.

FS1 is also touting their deal with the always loud and sometimes abrasive former talk show host, Regis Philbin, who will host a weekday sports show, “Rush Hour.”

Fox’s top brass are said to be ecstatic about the network and, according to the network’s COO, Eric Shanks, “Fans are ready for an alternative to the establishment, and our goal for FS1 is to provide the best in-game experience possible, complemented by informative news, entertaining studio shows and provocative original programming.”

Ok guys, really? Regis?

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