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“You wanna rumble with the Bee, huh? Bzzzzz…”

After talk show host Wendy Williams mocked Lil Kim‘s dramatically altered face, the pint-size rapper exploded on Twitter and exposed an alleged, ummm, one-sided romantic affair that Williams’ had with the Notorious B.IG., also known as Biggie Smalls.

After an unflattering photo of Kim (see below) made the internet rounds, Kim claimed the image was photo-shopped. Williams laughed at that, saying that Kim was so plastic a pin would pop her, that she had “out-Latoya’ed Latoya Jackson,” and that she shouldn’t blame photo-shop, she should blame her plastic surgeon.

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What followed was a filth dragging of the highest proportion:

Kim then posted a picture of her to prove that the unflattering image was photo-shopped.

Williams has yet to weigh in, but we have absolutely no doubt that she will.

Stay tuned…