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CNN, the network that is quickly gaining a reputation as rape and racists apologists, aired a segment during which legal analyst Sunni Hostin relayed the message that  Robert Zimmerman, Jr., brother of Trayvon Martin‘s killer, George Zimmerman, felt that a biased media was unfairly targeting his family, reports Raw Story.

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According to Hostin, Robert Jr.’s racist, vile, disrespectful and disgusting tweets comparing Martin to accused baby-killer, De’Marquise Elkins, were the result of there being “two sides to this story.”

“I spoke to him for about 45 minutes,” Hostin said. “And anyone that knows Robert Zimmerman and has spoken to him knows he’s very passionate about his family, very, very supportive of his brother.”


“So, you know, just from your perspective, to his point about the media treatment in both stories, do you think he has a point?” CNN host Brook Baldwin asked.

“I think many people do believe as the story has been developed more, that there are two sides to this story, and that perhaps initially the Zimmerman family’s story wasn’t accurately depicted,” Hostin responded.

“And I think that Robert Zimmerman in many respects feels that it is his duty to put that out there,” she continued. “I mean, he certainly discussed with me how this has changed the lives of his family. And while they acknowledge George Zimmerman is still alive, he acknowledged that his family has not lost a brother and a son, as the Martin family had, their lives have been destroyed, they received death threats. And so he really feels very frustrated about how, I guess, the story has been framed.”

As previously reported by NewsOne, Elkins is accused of fatally shooting 13-month old Antonio Santiago in the face as he was being strolled by his mother Sherry West.  Robert, Jr. — in a way that only someone drowning in white privilege could do — compared Martin, who was gunned down by his brother George because he apparently felt threatened by his skin color and Skittles, to Elkins on Twitter:

Robert Jr. then went on to tweet the following:

Teen [De’Marquise Elkins] to [Sherry] West: “Do you want me to shoot your baby?” #TrayvonMartin to #GeorgeZimmerman : You’re gonna die tonight Motherf**ker”

Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky

POTUS spoke of his Mom acting like a ‘typical’ white woman when encountering blacks. The fate of Sherry West might B why.

For some reason Hostin decided to relay Robert. Jr.’s “apology” as if it held a shred of legitimacy instead of a blatant media clean-up to sanitize his racist bullsh*t.

Here’s the thing CNN:

When little girls get raped by high-school football stars, we don’t want to hear about the poor little boys and how sad it was to watch their promising little careers tossing balls around potentially come to an end.

And when little Black boys are murdered in cold blood by prescription drug popping, wanna-be cops, we don’t give a damn about how frustrating it is that the media allegedly isn’t telling two-sides to a story. George Zimmerman made sure that Trayvon Martin could never tell his side of the story again. His family is “frustrated” by the Sanford Police Department’s obvious attempt to coddle and shield a killer while Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are left to mourn a child who will never see his 18th birthday.

There is balanced coverage and there is false equivalency. Pandering to a prejudiced brat who felt so ‘frustrated” he allowed his KKK to show in an attempt to tell “two sides of the story” definitely falls into the latter category.

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Note to Robert Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin is not the baby killer; your brother is the baby killer. And we have a body to prove it, not a picture. You have the nerve to talk about Black people being “risky” when your trigger-happy criminal of a brother should come wrapped with a harness, a leash and a warning label — White skin and all.

That, sir, is the second side of the story.