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William Strickland (pictured) was arrested and charged late Friday evening with first-degree murder and armed robbery with a handgun in the March 2 shooting death of his grandfather also by the same name, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

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According to prosecutors, the 19-year-old south side of Chicago resident, who has no criminal history but who did tell police he belonged to a gang, allegedly shot the elder Strickland six times in the back with a semi-automatic gun, took his wallet and left him to die just a few feet from his home.

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The 72-year-old man was on his way to dialysis.

The teen’s grandfather preferred to get his thrice weekly dialysis treatments very early in the morning, according to Theolene Shears, 84, who spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times. “He said he liked it better so he could get it over with,” Shears said.

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On the day he was killed, the elder Strickland was on his way to catch a paratransit van ride to the dialysis facility at around 4 a.m., the senior, who sometimes walked with a cane, had just made it to the gangway of his home when he was brutally slain.

The younger Strickland reportedly took the money he had stolen from the steel mill worker of 30 years, who had only recently retired, and purchased a new pair of sneakers, a cell phone and tattoos.

According to neighbors, the teen, who actually lived with his grandfather, kept to himself, was not friendly and appeared to be “mysterious.”

Strickland is being held without bail and police are still searching for the other yet unnamed accomplice.