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Darrius Johnson has been charged with killing his live-in girlfriend, Monica Gooden, (both pictured) because of her zodiac sign, the Sun Sentinel reports.

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The 21-year-0ld man, who lives in Lauderhill, Fla., was spotted by local police on Easter Sunday around 9 a.m. as he walked along a city street wounded from an apparent knife wound. The cops were looking for Johnson in connection to a burglary with battery at an apartment complex, where a resident’s nephew fought with Johnson and stabbed him multiple times.

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While being treated for his stab wounds at a local hospital, he allegedly told the cops that he had fought with Gooden and that “she’s in heaven.”

Johnson also allegedly told police that he sought a victim to “sacrifice” that day who was born during the Taurus period of the zodiac calendar. Gooden was born in November, and not under the Taurus sign.

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Here is more on this tragic story:

Police said Johnson also claimed Gooden had control over his spirit.

Her body was discovered at home about 5 p.m. Sunday by Lauderhill police, who said there were three knives and a broken, bloodied Xbox game nearby.

Lauderhill Police Lt. Michael Butkus said there were no 911 calls received Sunday about Gooden’s death and there hadn’t been any other complaints to cops or calls for help at the address where the couple had lived for a month.

“Some neighbors would say they never saw anything and the couple seemed to be getting along,” Butkus said. “Others said they would hear yelling or possibly arguing from inside the apartment.”

The couple previously lived at 741 NW 14th Terrace in Fort Lauderdale, according to the affidavit, and Butkus said Fort Lauderdale police are helping with the investigation.

Gooden was taking courses toward an associate of arts degree at Broward College, the school said. A relative said Gooden baby sat for two families. Johnson cooked at a fast food restaurant, the relative said.

During his first court appearance Tuesday, Broward County Judge Judge John “Jay” Hurley denied Johnson bail. Chief Assistant Public Defender Robert Wills said his agency is defending Johnson. “Based upon the circumstances of the case and his demeanor in our contact in court today, we want to have him evaluated by mental health professionals as soon as possible,” Wills said.

A viewing will be held for Gooden Friday afternoon and her funeral will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday.

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