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Shaeryll Hunter (pictured), who stands accused of hitting a pregnant rival with her car and caused her to lose a foot, stood before a judge Monday, listened to the litany of charges against her, then walked away smiling, reports KHOU.

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The Houston woman, who is five months pregnant, was involved in a vicious altercation with Alise Kelley, who is four months pregnant. The common denominator in the violent scenario is Chris Chaney (pictured below), who impregnated both women. The 26-year-old man reportedly broke off his relationship with Hunter, who has two other children with him.

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According to police, the women may have declared a war against other over their baby daddy. Hunter paid Kelley a visit at her home on March 28 after arguing over the telephone. When Hunter arrived at Kelley’s residence, the women began arguing outside while Chaney slept inside the home. The young man was awakened by the loud commotion and ventured out of his home to investigate what was going on.

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Chaney told police he witnessed Kelley punching on Hunter’s car window, challenging the woman to a fight. He then said he saw Hunter gun her vehicle and pin Kelley against their home. The mother of two then sped away, leaving Kelley writhing in pain and laying on top of some toppled bricks.


Kelley’s injury did not hurt her unborn fetus, but her foot had to be amputated as a result of the incident.

When police investigators questioned Chaney, who has children with two other women as well, whether he felt the argument was over him, he coyly responded, “I mean, I am handsome.”

During her court appearance, Hunter was also seen smiling and appeared to have no remorse over the violent confrontation’s outcome.

Hunter was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and a misdemeanor case of failing to provide identification; a bond has been set at $30,000.

Truly a mess!

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