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Antoine Martin (pictured) did what all caring fathers would do if they suspected an adult male was using Facebook to sleep with their 13-year-old daughter: he set up a sting operation to catch the man, reports MyFox Detroit.

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Martin began monitoring his daughter’s Facebook page and reading over her posts when he suddenly stumbled across a male adult who seemed to have taken a liking to his little girl. As Martin perused the back and forth cyber banter between his daughter and the male adult, he kept seeing inappropriate discussions.

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The Detroit dad realized that he had to step in to assume the role of his daughter in order to catch the child predator. Martin set up a sting, baiting the man by having him come over to his home. When the unnamed man arrived at Martin’s home, he was met with a surprise. The little girl the man had expected to greet him when the door opened was, instead, her big, burly father.

The man immediately fessed up, telling Martin what he had intended to do with his daughter. “He said he has a problem, he had a thirst is what he said, and that he was  going to try to get help and this would be the last time,” Martin explained.  “That’s just unacceptable.”

Watch the Detroit dad talk about his Facebook sting below:

Martin, who alerted the police about the unsavory cyber habits of the man, set up the scheme to catch him not only for the sake of his own daughter but for that of her friends as well. “I had to make sure that this stops,” he said.

Martin says the man even confessed to his plans on his phone’s voice recorder. The man works as a volunteer at a local Boys & Girls Club of America and his family is very involved with the organization, which is how his daughter met her much older Facebook friend.

Martin is relieved that he was able to intervene and put the brakes on a situation that could have proven to be calamitous for his family. He fears, however, that the man has already quite possibly preyed on other young and unsuspecting innocents, whom he hopes will also step forward and contact police.

The CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Michigan told MyFox the organization does conduct background checks on all who work for the them in any capacity and that the man in question is, in fact, a former volunteer who has not been active with the organization for over two years.

The man did, however, visit the club’s Detroit locale back in February.

More fathers should be like you Antoine!