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Here Is Jamie Hector’s Statement Regarding The Incident

“I first want to make it clear that the shooting incident yesterday did not take place at my home, nor did it involve me, my wife, nor any of the invited guests.  Although none of the guests were hurt physically, the trauma of this experience is unforgettable.   My condolences go out to the families of the victims.

I grew up in Brooklyn and this kind of violence is one of the reasons I founded Moving Mountains, Inc., a non-profit youth organization that redirects talented youth through the arts. I focus their energy on positive alternatives in an effort to deter them from this type of violence, which takes place on the streets everyday.  We work to provide them with the life skills that allow them to make good choices for themselves and prepare them to lead positive, violence free lives.”

Jamie also adds,  ”to be honest it was a disturbing feeling, but it also showed that we have a lot of work to do, we have to change how people think in order to change what they do”

From The New York Daily News

A made-for-tv gun battle erupted outside a Brooklyn baby shower for the wife of a star of the HBO crime series “The Wire” Sunday, killing one teen and wounding two men, cops said.

Gunmen unloaded nearly 50 bullets outside the party for the wife of actor Jamie Hector – who played violent druglord Marlo Stanfield on the hit series – then tried to finish off one of the wounded men outside a hospital.

“What a gun battle,” a police source told the Daily News. “They have been watching too much TV.”

Police and paramedics raced to E. 93rd St. in East Flatbush about 1:20 a.m.

Cops found evidence of a running gun battle with at least 46 shell casings dotting about half the block beginning at Avenue B.

Two guns were recovered, but no suspects were arrested after the violence that spilled out from the party.

Linton Williams, 17, of Brooklyn, died at the scene.

As the smoke cleared, someone helped 32-year-old Andrew Filson into a car and raced him to Downstate Medical Center.

When the shooting victim got out of the car at the hospital, another vehicle rolled up and someone inside started firing.

Police sources said Filson was hit at least once at the hospital.

Emergency workers put him into an ambulance and rushed him to Kings County Hospital, a trauma center where he was listed in critical condition yesterday.

Walter Parker, 22, was shot in the leg outside the party. He flagged down an ambulance and was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Hector, a Brooklyn native who has also starred in TV shows “Heroes,” “Jericho” and “The Game,” was said to be at the baby shower for some time.

It was unclear whether the actor was still there when the bullets started flying – or why the gunmen targeted the three victims. Hector’s spokesman didn’t respond to calls for comment.

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