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Florida man Felix Lockett (pictured), 34, was hospitalized with “serious” injuries Wednesday afternoon after a single-car crash that left him literally dancing in the street, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Law-enforcement officers and rescuers arrived on the scene to find Lockett “stripped naked and dancing around in the street,” said Fire Rescue spokesman John Mulhall.

Responders began to experience watery eyes and respiratory distress after opening the vehicle’s door. When a hazard team arrived, a bottle containing formaldehyde was discovered. Lockett allegedly confessed to authorities that he had mixed the formaldehyde — commonly used in embalming fluid — with the marijuana.

“The man, he was naked. Nothing on, I mean nothing,” witness Trudy Lane told CF News 13. “He had the music in the car playing real loud and he was whamming, whamming on the car, like he was beating to the sound of the music.”

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According to Fire Rescue spokesman John Mulhall, rescuers were called to Via Hacienda Circle near Honour Road in Orange County just before 8 a.m., after a vehicle crashed into a wall.

An FHP trooper, who was attempting to investigate the crash, opened the car’s door and almost immediately reported symptoms including watery eyes and trouble breathing, Mulhall said.

The trooper and two nearby Orange County sheriff’s deputies who also experienced symptoms of exposure were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment, according to Fire Rescue.

Lockett faces charges of driving under the influence.

“Formaldehyde, if you’ve ever smelled it from your high school biology class whatever, it’s a potent chemical,” said Mulhall. “So in a close space like a car, that original trooper did get a pretty strong dose of it.”








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