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Video of Brooklyn Mother of 13 Zurana Horton shot and killed in a gang shooting was revealed Thursday, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

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The footage shows 34-year-old Horton (pictured) picking up her daughter from school on October 21, 2011, in Brooklyn’s Brownsville section. Around 2:18 p.m., Horton and two other Moms are seen waiting at an intersection as a yellow bus pulls up to the curb.

The shooting then breaks out, with Horton pushing a child out of the way to take a bullet. She then grips her chest and collapses to the ground. Prosecutors showed the tragic footage at the trial of the two youths charged with murdering Horton.

Watch news coverage of Horton’s murder here:

Twenty-year-old Andrew Lopez has been accused of carelessly firing at rival gang members from a rooftop. Half-brother Jonathan Carrasquillo is suspected of having directed Lopez to kill their enemies. Both are charged with murder, with Lopez standing accused of letting off 13 shots in Horton’s death.

One of the two Mothers with Horton that day testified at the trial. “I saw her fall back . . . I saw blood coming from her,” said Unique Armstead, who is seen in the video covering her son with her body as the shooting began. Armstead sustained a gunshot wound to her left arm.

Armstead said she heard someone say, “He has a gun,” prompting her to take her son inside a nearby corner bodega for safety. When the coast seemed clear, they reportedly went back out, which is when the shots began.

“I thought it was a brick but it was a bullet,” Armstead said. “I told my son, I think I’m shot.”

Watch a remembrance video of Horton here:

The trial is scheduled to resume Monday, with testimony from a man who claims Lopez’s brother threatened to kill him; he is reportedly scared to take the stand.

“The man is petrified,” Judge Vincent DelGiudice said. “The man is an emotional wreck.”

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