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Rapper and reality show star Jim Jones (pictured) says he was a victim of racial profiling last week, when he was ordered to step out of his vehicle at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport as four police officers searched his vehicle for drugs, according to TMZ.

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Reportedly, Jones was sitting in his car waiting for a friend to arrive at an airport terminal, when an officer strolled over to him claiming that he smelled marijuana wafting out of his vehicle.

The officer was soon joined by three other men in blue as they demanded that the hip-hop star exit his vehicle and walk to its rear (pictured below).

Jones was then ordered to place both hands on the trunk of his car as officers reportedly began ransacking the vehicle searching for any evidence of drugs or contraband.  They also searched Jones from head to toe.

After police conducted their search and came up empty, they still issued Jones a citation for driving without a license.

According to an unnamed representative for Jones, the performer is up in arms about the incident, telling TMZ, “He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling.”

What does the New York/New Jersey Port Authority has to say about the incident?  A spokesperson from the “bridge and tunnel set” told TMZ that they are “looking into the matter.”

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