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Alphonza Bryant (pictured), a 17-year-old Bronx teenager was fatally shot while hanging out with friends Monday evening, the N.Y. Daily News reports.

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After returning home from playing basketball, Bryant reportedly changed and went back outside to meet his friends. While standing with them on Fox St. in the boro’s Foxhurst area, two young men reportedly walked past.

Soon after, they returned, with one of them armed.

The armed individual allegedly fired nine shots at the group.

One of them hit Bryant in his midsection, killing him.

The news hit Bryant’s mother hard, especially since he was set to graduate from Urban Assembly Bronx Studio For Writers And Artists, and attend senior prom.

“We were talking about limos,” Jenaii Van Doten said Tuesday. “We just got to remember who he was, if he made you laugh or made you smile.”’

Doten suspects her son was caught up in ongoing gang battles.

“It’s Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings — and we’re right in the middle. My son didn’t belong to any of them,” she noted. “[The gunmen] just shot at whoever was standing there. The problem is the guns. I can go get a gun quicker than I can go get a job.”

She also wonders if she could’ve prevented the tragedy. Earlier that afternoon, Bryant had asked her if he was supposed to hand in an application for a fast food job. Via text, Doten replied that she would take in the application for him.

“Maybe, if I told him different that would have changed his course for the day. “He was going to get his first job. The application is still right there [on the table].”