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At Wayman AME Church in Minneapolis, folks gather in anticipation of hearing the gospel preached by one of its most senior pastors, Noah Smith (pictured), who at 105 years young still manages to belt out a sermon that sends chills down the spines of his devoted congregants, reports CBS Minnesota.

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Smith, who claims that he got his spiritual calling at age 49, was an artist, shined shoes, and a musician for most of his adult life until a friend suggested that he consider getting righteous and serving the Lord:

“I said, Minister? I’m 49 years old. God wanted me to be a minister. Why didn’t he tell me before now? He said,He did tell you, you was too dumb to listen,’” said Smith.

Watch Smith’s story here:

And even though Smith is a centenarian, he has no plans on kicking back anytime soon and boasts that his life now is in fact pretty hectic, “My life is so busy with church and things now. I don’t even get to read the paper sometimes,” said Smith.

What also fuels Smith on is his 95-year-old wife, Hallie, whom he married 22 years ago. The couple met after losing their respective spouses. According to Smith, he and Hallie work together and are devoted to each other.

Case in point, not a day goes by that Smith doesn’t get in to the kitchen to whip up a hot breakfast for Hallie. She, in turn, makes it her business to get dinner on the table every day.

What does the future hold for Smith?

The Bible-toting preacher admits that he does not give death a second thought, even though he realizes that he’s lived a life that is fuller than most people can expect to live. So as far as having any trepidation about the grim reaper knocking on his door any time soon, Smith said, “I look forward to it…to the good part where it leads to.”

As far as kicking back and relaxing for the rest of his time here on earth, Smith jokingly said he tried retirement at age 90 and it was a bust.

So for now, Smith is living his best life, loving his wife, his job, and most importantly, the Lord.

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