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Katrina Tisdale (pictured) was arrested and charged on Monday with misusing  911, when she reportedly called twice so she could get a refund from her drug dealer, reports the Smoking Gun.

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When St. Petersburg, Fla., resident allegedly purchased drugs from her unnamed female drug dealer, she spent her last $50 on cocaine and marijuana only to realize that she’d be penniless until her next social security disability check arrived.

According to published reports, Tisdale tried to get her last $50 back, but was entirely unsuccessful, so she allegedly resorted to calling police to see if they could exercise some form of bully tactics to get her money back.

But when Tisdale revealed her whereabouts to the 911 dispatcher, officers arrived at her location and put cuffs on her.  The 47-year-old woman was then taken to the Pinellas County jail, where she is currently being held on a $100 bond.

Meanwhile, Tisdale’s latest scrape with the law isn’t the first. She has been arrested on numerous occasions over the last few years, with six of them being cocaine possession-related.

Apparently, Tisdale has a peculiar affinity for using 911 to report incidents that could be categorized as idiotic. Case in point, in a mid-2011 conviction, she told police that she had been robbed by her drug dealer.