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Sean Kelly (pictured), a married Father of nine, had been on his job for 16 years when he was met by a gunman after he left a metro-Detroit night club on January 12th. All Kelly reportedly remembers on that fateful winter night is that he came face-to-face with a man who had squinty eyes and a gap-toothed grin.  Moments later, the unidentified man reportedly fired a gun and changed Kelly’s life forever. Kelly was left blind just a week after his last child was born and is now facing eviction because he can no longer provide for his family as he once had done, reports Fox 2.

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As of last year, according to the FBI, the city of Detroit had the highest rate of violent crime of any city.  The “Motor City” now competes with New Orleans for the highest murder rate in the country.  According to Kelly, crime stories are commonplace every day in Detroit, but the victim’s stories are seldom shared.

About that fateful night, Sean told Fox 2, “I felt something rattling in my mouth.  It was the bullet in my mouth. That was the last time I saw something.”

The bullet that was fired at Kelly passed through his right temple.

In addition to being completely blind, Kelly’s sense of taste and smell are gone as well.  “I can’t even enjoy my food. I don’t even know what it is,” he laments.

Kelly worked at the utilities provider DTE and had to leave his job because of the incident.  Kelly’s wife, Laronda, who was also employed, had to quit her job to help her husband adjust to his disability.  According to the couple, the bills are overwhelming and they are now facing eviction on May 8th with absolutely no place to go.

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Despite all that has happened in their lives, the Kelly’s remain devoted to each other and to God.  “I made a vow and went before God and said I’d be with my husband no matter what, through sickness, through wealth, through poor, and that’s what I’m  doing.  I’m keeping my word,” Laronda said.  Kelly adds, “I wonder why God allowed it to happen that way, but I appreciate…exactly how  he orchestrated this.”

Kelly is grateful that he at least got to see the face of his son who was born prematurely eight days before the shooting. And the doting Dad is prayerful, that he will someday get to see his son’s face again, and doctors say he just might get his wish.

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