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GALLERY: Inside Today’s KKK


LOS ANGELES — City Council chambers went dark early Wednesday after a man refused to remove his white robe and hood before speaking.

It was the second day that Michael Hunt wore the outfit to the meeting.

Hunt, an African American, submitted a card to speak during the standard public comment period and was called to the microphone by Councilman Dennis Zine, who was the presiding officer.

“Mr. Hunt, you’re going to have to remove your hood,” Zine told Hunt twice.

“Are you refusing to remove your hood? … Mr. Hunt, we can’t hear you. Remove your hood.”

Hunt refused to remove the garb, citing his First Amendment rights.

When three African American councilmembers left — apparently out of disgust — the council floor was lost, ending the discussion.

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GALLERY: Inside Today’s KKK

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