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“Get a divorce or remove your child from our school”  That is what Samantha (pictured left) and Kally Mabe (pictured), a married same-sex couple from South Africa, were allegedly told by their son’s private Christian school, Secunda Highveld Christian School in Mpumalanga, reports Gay Star News.

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The threat reportedly came on the heels of a meeting the couple had after their 5-year-old son told his teacher that he had “two Mothers.”  The unnamed teacher went to the school’s principle, after being reportedly taken aback by the child’s news. Samantha, 26, and Kally, 27, who had been living their lives openly as lesbians, were called by school administrators to discuss the child’s announcement.

When the women met with the principal, he was accompanied by a pastor. Both women claim that the men demanded they remove their 5-year-old son as soon as possible from the learning institution or risk having them remove his name from their school’s list of attendees.

The school heads reportedly mentioned that their decision to remove the child if the couple failed to comply with their demand was placed on the table because they “do not cater to their type of people,” according to the pair. Kally, the boy’s biological mom, added, “The pastor said that if they had known, they would never have allowed our son in the school.”

Oddly enough, the Mabe’s wedding was publicized.  The women even insist that when they filled out the school’s enrollment paperwork, they did not shroud who they are as a couple, reportedly stating that there are two Mrs. Mabe’s.

After the Mabes refused to succumb to the school’s threats — deciding instead to keep their child in Christian school — the pastor allegedly threatened legal action against them.

The matter has now crossed the desk of the administrators of the Mpumalanga’s education department, and according to spokesman Jasper Zwane, “We view such matters in a very serious light, and even though the school is independent, we will still find out what happened and make sure that whoever worked outside the legal framework is brought to book,” he told Gay Star News.

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