South Africa

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa was spitting hot anti-apartheid bars this week.

Three men were arrested after video showed Black teens attacked at a "whites only" pool.

Free State police are investigating an assault case that took place on Christmas day against black teens at a swimming pool in South Africa.

The suspicious details surrounding the 1977 death of anti-Apartheid activist and political prisoner Steve Biko took two decades to finally come to light.

Despite the decades and distance between the book bans, the rise in attempts to ban and censor books in America in 2022 looks an awful lot like what South African censors did during apartheid.

Videos showed huge crowds amid reports of a stampede, but no cause of death was reported.

Far too many mainstream media outlets have been quick to erroneously assign blame to the entire continent of Africa for the Omicron variant of COVID-19, progressive civil rights advocacy group Color of Change says: "Tell the media that Black people are not public health threats!"

Tutu’s ideas about humanness, harmony and reconciliation have been enormously influential, not merely in South Africa, but throughout the world.

In honor of Nelson Mandela Day celebrating the birthday of South Africa's first Black president, here is a complete timeline outlining some of the key events in the legendary life of "Madiba."

At least one person was reportedly killed in Johannesburg as police responded with deadly force during ongoing protests against mounting student debt in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was given a life sentence in 1964 after being convicted of plotting to sabotage the South African government, and he remained in prison until Feb. 2, 1990.

Different regions give a variety of reasons for prohibiting the substance.