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Hardcore rapper Ja Rule (pictured) was released from prison on Tuesday after serving nearly two years on charges of illegal gun possession and federal tax evasion, reports MTV News.

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However, he still has to remain on house arrest until July 28.

The rapper’s road to the big house began in 2007 when he was cuffed after police stopped him for speeding. While officers searched his vehicle, they stumbled upon a loaded unregistered .40 caliber semi-automatic gun in a rear door. The 37-year-old platinum-selling artist with the distinctive gritty voice was given a two-year sentence in 2010 after pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

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In July 2011, Ja Rule was also slapped with a 28-month sentence for tax evasion. He claimed at the time that the $3 million income tax oversight—from 2004 to 2006—was all due to youthful inexperience, bad advice and an inability to manage fame and fortune.

Even though Ja Rule pleaded guilty to three counts of unfiled taxes, he actually admitted that he had not filed for five years.

Meanwhile, according to Ja Rule’s spokesperson, Melanie Bonvicino, the performer “looks forward to spending some time with his family while he completes his memoir.”

Ja Rule released his latest album “Pain Is Love 2” last year while still behind bars. The album failed to make a splash in the music world.