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Eric Williams (pictured), former NBA player and cast member of the VH1 reality show “Basketball Wives,” is reportedly in a heap of trouble with the law. A judge has reportedly issued a warrant out for Williams’ arrest, stemming from a 2011 paternity case that he has allegedly “ignored” by failing to appear in court to submit a mandated DNA sample, reports TMZ.

Williams, who is the estranged husband of “BBW’s” Jennifer Williams (pictured), allegedly had a “love child” with Tavia Serena Cannon who filed for child support last year. Cannon claimed at the time of the filing that she needed additional monies in order to support her son and that her meager salary of $300 a week for babysitting was not covering her expenses. Therefore, Cannon requested that Williams not only provide child support but medical coverage as well for their child.

The said child was reportedly conceived in January or February 2011 while Williams was still married to Jennifer, who did not officially file for divorce until June of that year.

Meanwhile, Williams has allegedly been blowing off the child support court case and has not even bothered to hire an attorney. He also has been allegedly ignoring all phone calls and text messages from Cannon.

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