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After U.S. critics lambasted Will Smith’s (pictured left) “After Earth” for being a sci-fi snore, foreign audiences begged to differ, propelling the summer flick to No. 1, according to The Wrap.

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The film, which was produced by Smith and co-stars his son Jaden (pictured), opened in 60 foreign markets and managed to rake in an impressive $45 million — taking the No. 1 spot in countries like Russia with $8.5 million, France ($4 million), and across the pond in the U.K. ($3.5 million).

Domestically, the film which cost about $130 million to make, crash landed, falling far short of its expected box office gains.  The film, which was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, had been tipped for at least a $40 million  opening weekend and only brought in a dismal $26.5 million coupled with negative reviews.

In the film, Will stars as “General Cypher Raige,” who with his son “Kitai,” played by Jaden, crash lands on Earth more than 1,000 years after cataclysmic events caused the human race to flee. Cypher is injured and Kitai has to make a dangerous journey, fighting off aliens, to summon for help.

As to why the film tanked with American critics, the question still remains.

Will has had a mega-successful career as an actor for the past 23 years, with his fair share of No. 1 box office hits even with movies that were not so warmly received by critics.  But now is the love affair over between Will and U.S. movie-goers?  Are eyebrows being raised because he is promoting his son, even though family dynasties are nothing new (the Sheens — Charlie, Emilio and Martin; the Fondas — Henry, Jane, Peter, Bridget; and the BridgesLloyd, Jeff, Beau, Jordan).

Sony, the picture’s distributor, is certainly keeping hope alive that the cash receipts for the film will somehow leap way past the $95 million that it has taken in thus far globally.

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