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A Minneapolis Father reportedly walked in on his 17-year-old daughter having sex with her 41-year-old high school hall monitor, Tajreed Rich (pictured). Police arrested Rich and charged him with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to the Daily Mail. Both the underage girl and her father have not been identified.

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Last Friday, the teen’s father reportedly came home early and heard some strange sounds coming from his daughter’s room. When he went to investigate the source of the noise, the Father reportedly discovered his daughter lying naked on her bed with Rich, also unclothed, standing over her.

The Dad immediately recognized Rich as one of the hallway monitors at Robbinsdale Cooper, the high school that his daughter attends.

The Father immediately summoned the police to his home.

When the teen was questioned by police, she admitted to having had sexual relations with the man — who is 24 years her senior — twice.  When Rich was also questioned by investigators, he, too, told authorities that he and the girl had sexual intercourse on two occasions — once at his home and the other at hers. Rich also stated that a condom had not been used the two times he and the girl engaged in sex.

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Rich began his career with the Minneapolis school district back in 1995 as an education assistant.  He has also held positions as a youth coordinator, parent liaison, and assistant coach for a cheerleading squad at another high school. When board of education district officials were informed about Rich’s charges, they reportedly terminated him on Monday.

Even though school was closed for summer vacation last Wednesday for the Minneapolis school district, officials still deemed it necessary to alert parents via a taped telephone message that Rich had been placed behind bars. The high school’s administrators also sent out a statement regarding the incident:

This is a horrible incident, and the district finds acts such as this reprehensible. The safety and well-being of  our students is our top priority, and our hearts go out to the family during this time.

Meanwhile, Rich, who referred to his unnamed victim as “vulnerable,” faces up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

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