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Newark, Del., resident Daniel Metzgar (pictured center) allegedly suffered through a botched surgical job that left him with an eight-month erection. Consequently, Metzgar filed a malpractice lawsuit against the urologist who performed the surgical procedure, and on Monday and Tuesday, he testified in court about how the procedure left him feeling like less of a man, according to  The Delaware News Journal.

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The 44-year-old truck driver’s penile woes date back to 2009, after receiving a three-part penile implant from Wilmington, Del., urologist Dr. Thomas J. Desperito. After undergoing the procedure, Metzgar’s scrotum reportedly resembled a volleyball in size, which he reportedly thought was just a normal consequence of the surgery.

When Metzgar did finally speak with his physician about the abnormality he was experiencing, which had progressed into an infection, the doctor suggested removing the prosthesis. According to the physician’s defense attorney, Michael C. Heyden (pictured far right), Metzgar unfortunately waited an inordinate amount of time before he made the decision to comply with his doctor’s recommendation.

Metzgar contends that he waited because he lost his insurance and could not afford the procedure at the time.

Metzgar finally had the device, which consisted of inflatable cylinders inside the shaft of his penis, a fluid reservoir under the abdominal wall, and a pump inside the scrotum, removed in August 2010, after it punctured his scrotum during a family trip to Niagara Falls.

The reason why Metzgar opted for the inflatable penile prosthetic in the first place was because he was a longtime diabetic who developed erectile dysfunction.

Metzgar attempted to have other courses of treatment to correct the condition but they all failed.

The constant erection took a toll on not only Metzgar but on his family as well, his attorney contends.   “I could hardly dance with an erection poking my partner,” Metzgar told jurors Monday when he took the witness stand.

Metzgar also started to dress differently, resorting to wearing baggy sweat pants and long shirts to hide his erection. “It’s not something you want to bring out at parties and show to friends,” said Metzgar, who wrapped up his testimony Tuesday.

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After his traumatic ordeal, a replacement prosthesis was the only alternative left for Metzgar, who got the procedure done from another physician. And while the prosthesis performs its job, the surgery reportedly left Metzgar with a penis that is 50 percent smaller. It also reportedly has and less sensation.

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