A man kicks a punching bag during his workout.Most medical experts recommend at least 30 minutes of daily activity. But…getting moving can get very boring after a while. Need a few ideas to remedy those times you get tired of the same old same old?

Try a new class, such as spin.

Burn crazy calories in a close-to-dark, room listening to loud music. If you don’t exactly live to exercise, and tend to not push yourself enough, a class like this holds your hand every step of the way. No chatting, not much resting.

Just say om.

If you like yoga, try spicing things up a bit (or a lot) with Bikram yoga. The room is heated to 105 degrees or more so your heart rate is higher than in a normal class. The heat also really helps increase your sense of flexibility. Even though the class is physically demanding, you really feel calmer when you leave than when you got there.

Run it out.

Not everybody likes to run. But remember, running doesn’t necessarily mean sprinting around like an athlete. You can start out with mixing up a few minutes of walking and a few minutes of light jogging. As you get more comfortable (and you will), you can mixing running and jogging. The runs aren’t always easy and honestly I don’t love every single one, but I love the structure that training for a race gives me, I love the muscles I can feel in my legs even on a “fat day,” and I love that the first thing I do in the morning is something for me and me alone. I’ve met some wonderful friends through running, too

Stay on pointe.

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