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Now that Roger Goodell has conditionally reinstated Michael Vick back to the NFL, whats next for Vick?

Before we can even think about Vick taking the field again, there are many teams in the NFL that won’t take the chance of signing Vick. His image was mightily damaged by the dog-fighting situation and signing him may be too controversial for any team to endure.

The reality is, some people are glad to see Vick back, but there are still many people that despise him for the crime he committed and probably don’t want to see him get another chance.

Looking strictly from a football perspective, I can definitely see someone taking a chance on Vick. Yes, 2 years removed from football is a long time, but don’t forget that before Vick went to jail, he was a winning quarterback. His throwing capabilities in terms of accuracy were always a question, but his ability to scramble and run, made him a game changer.

As far as bringing Vick back as a quarterback right away, I just don’t see a team doing it. Not yet.  He will definitely need some time to become re-adjusted and comfortable with the game again.

Luckily for Vick, most NFL offenses don’t need him to be a quarterback. With the implement of the “Wild-Cat” offense last season, Vick’s speed and running ability could be utilized for specific game situations.

So who should sign Vick?

Personally I think the Minnesota Vikings could potentially be a good fit. Vikings coach Brad Childress has been vying for a quarterback, and with Favre thankfully deciding to stay retired, why not take Vick? He can be used as a run threat to form a trio with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor and make one of the most potent run offenses in the NFL.

Now with that being said, either Jackson or Frerotte will have to start, but don’t count out the possibility of Vick making his way back to starting at quarterback some where in the future.

The anticipation of where Vick will end up is going to be very interesting to say the least. Add the fact that teams begin training camps in August who ever wants to sign him will want to do it as quick as possible to get him acclimated to football again.

Wherever Vick does end up, its good to see him get a shot at redemption and hopefully this time he makes all the right decisions in his life.