An advocacy group representing NCAA athletes has filed a complaint with the US Department of Education that alleges schools in division one of the NCAA are working together to thwart Black athletes’ earning potential.

While Williams did not reveal what led to her decision to skip the Tokyo Olympics, the IOC's childcare policy could play a large role for working mothers like the superstar athlete.

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Serena Williams has become the second Black woman tennis player in history to grace the Wheaties box.

Once shutout from playing quarterback, Black players have excelled in the position.

President Donald Trump considers granting Johnson, who was convicted by a Jim Crow court, a posthumous pardon.

Tennis phenom Venus Williams can add a new achievement to her resume: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

Just when NBA Houston Rockets superstar Dwight Howard (pictured) thought he was in the clear of all child abuse allegations involving his 6-year-old son that were brought forth by his ex-girl and baby mama, reality star, Royce Reed, now the athlete is reportedly under investigation again for the same charges but in another state according to TMZ. […]

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Do today’s black athletes fall short on being socially responsible and aware? Pro football Hall of Famer Jim Brown‘s recent remarks about basketball star Kobe Bryant have sparked a debate around that question. While on the Arsenio Hall Show last week, Brown said that if he had to call together another summit of black athletes, like the one he called […]

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Could all the recent talk about the risk of head concussions in football spell trouble for the sport? Former NFL player Wayne Gandy spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about that possibility. Gandy, who retired from the NFL in 2009 after 15 seasons as an offensive tackle for the Rams, Steelers, Saints and the Falcons, is concerned that the media are […]

In America, we idolize our favorite sports stars for their astounding athleticism, tireless work ethic and upstanding sportsmanship in the face of competition. In many communities, our favorite athletes become the role models we use to shape our own character. Still, every so often we get a glimpse into their more human sides — the buzzer […]

16-year-old Sachia Vickery is steadily rising among the ranks of America’s next great tennis stars, but her ascension has been anything but easy. As she sacrificed on the court, her mother sacrificed off, working two jobs and enduring many disparaging days so that her daughter could continue to play. Because of her mom’s effort, Vickery is […]