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Tameka Foster (pictured), the former wife of R&B crooner, Usher Raymond, has reportedly lost a court battle with the landlord of three of her commercial spaces and now has to fork over more than $200,000 in back rent, according to TMZ.

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Foster’s money woes began last October when Antelope Valley Plaza (AVP) allegedly filed a lawsuit against her, claiming she was in arrears for $50,000 on a two-year leasing agreement she signed with them in 2010. Foster agreed to rent three spaces in a Georgis complex. One of her business ventures at the complex was a children’s play zone, Kangazoom.

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According to the court filing at the time, AVP claimed that Foster’s monthly rental fee was $9,966.67, which had begun to accumulate due to nonpayment. The lease also claimed that Foster also owed late fees and unpaid taxes for the business venture. Foster responded by claiming that AVP breached their agreed upon contract and asked for the case to be dismissed by a judge.

Unfortunately for Foster, a judge did not side with her and ordered the entrepreneur to pony up $186,036.50 in principal and $18,628.65 in attorney fees, bringing the amount owed to $204,665.15.

As to why the original $50,000 amount quadrupled, TMZ tried to reach out to Foster to get an answer but did not hear back.

Foster married Usher in August 2007. The couple divorced two years and two children later. The very messy, volatile split became front page news for months on end. Foster wound up losing custody of her two sons; Usher was awarded primary custody of the children last year.

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